I’m sure that a few of you have noticed that the old Geekerific.com – the one that hosted the After The Fact and Trade Secrets podcasts – is gone. With the podcasts over and no real purpose for the site, I’ve combined all the old Geekerific.com content with the content from my blog, and I’ll be using it as my personal site going forward. All of the podcast content is still here, and you can find the posts by navigating to the “Podcasts” menu at the top. That all being said…

Welcome to my blog! As it says right there on the front page, this is my stream of consciousness. There’s no real rhyme or reason to what I post here, which usually means it’ll be a bunch of bullshit. Don’t expect anything specfic, mmmkay?

I’d generally classify myself as a “geek”, so I’ll definitely ramble on about board games, video games, and comic books. But I’m also a movie buff, I read a lot, and I’m a foodie. I’m also a sports fan – Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Sounders, if you must know – and a more-than-casual poker player. You’ll definitely see posts here about my writing (my prose writing, not my blog writing… that’s just a bit too meta), my life, and my hobbies. In order to try and parse things out a bit, I’ve split things up into the following categories:

EDITORIAL (Thoughts, Rants, Reviews)
ENTERTAINMENT (Books, Comic Books, Movies)
GAMING (Traditional Games, Video Games, Poker)
FOOD (Eating, Cooking)

A little bit about me:

I’m a born-and-bred Pacific Northwesterner. I grew up all over Oregon and Washington, and currently reside in the Seattle area with my wife, our cats, and a way-too-energetic German wirehaired pointer. I formerly hosted two podcasts: Trade Secrets, a comic book show, and After The Fact, a classic video gaming show. Both podcasts have ended, but their archives are still available if you want to listen.

Most of my working life has been spent in some version of the gaming industry. Straight out of college I landed a job at Wizards of the Coast working in the original version of their digital media department. I hopped jobs a couple of times there before being laid off (along with about a third of the company) in 2002. After that, I worked at Nintendo for nine years – the longest job I’ve ever had.

The gaming industry was very good to me, but I left Nintendo in 2013 to chase my creative pursuits. I’ve worn a myriad of different hats in my professional life – artist, animator, tester, game designer, developer relations, R&D, customer service – but through them all I was always writing. My current adventure sees me trying my hand at being a novelist. My debut novel, Construct, released in 2014, and I’m currently working on the sequel.

And that’s about it. Anything more you’d ever want to know about me you can likely read in the pages of this blog. If you ever want to ask me a question I’m always open. You can post a comment here on my blog or follow me on Twitter.

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